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Out-of-School Club


The out-of-school club consists of a breakfast session and an after school session.  During the breakfast session we offer a variety of child lead activities such as clay modelling, educational ICT programmes, craft or construction.  We also provide a nutritious breakfast to give your child a good start to the day.  This is included in the price of the breakfast session (please see below).  We will run the breakfast session 5 days per week, between 7.30 am-8.40 am during term time.

Our after school session will run from 3 pm – 6 pm.  We will offer the children an after school snack as they arrive before they join in with the fun and games.  The children have the choice of various activities such as music making, arts & crafts, messy play, outside play, team games, a quiet self chosen activity or reading.  We also have a ‘chill out’ area that has a television and play station which the children have monitored access to.  Our team is also more than happy to help your children with their homework.


Parents/carers are welcome to provide a packed evening meal for those children who stay until 6 pm.


If you are interested in our Out-of-School club and require transport for your child to and from school, could you please specify which school they attend and the days you would like this service on your registration form, or speak to a member of staff.  Any vehicles used for transportation have the appropriate business insurance.  We charge 80p for every mile we travel, this is added as an additional cost onto your invoice.


Fees & Hours


The fees for our Out-of-School Club are as follows:


Breakfast Club 7.30am – 8.40am:                                  £6.10 (£7.10 late notice, with less than a weeks notice)

After School Club charged at our hourly rate of             £4.30 for 3 years + (£5.30 late notice)


Holiday Club


We will provide our holiday club for all school holidays except one week between Christmas and New Year as well as all Bank Holidays.  During the holidays we will be open 5 days a week, 7.30 am – 6 pm.  

The day may include such things as creative & imaginative play, music, outside play & games, cooking, ICT, visits from ‘Interesting Professionals’ and much more.

The children will be given their own suggestions box to add ideas of what they would like to do and new things they may like to try.  

Within the price of a full day of the holiday club we will include two snacks and unlimited drinks. We do not provide lunches or an evening meal for those that are here until 6pm as there has been very little interest in this service and we feel we are not able to provide healthy balanced meals that are cost effective for so few children.  We do have the facilities to heat up meals if you would like to provide a hot dinner for your child.


The daily routine for the holiday club is as follows:


7.30am    -    9am            Arrivals & Breakfast

9am         -    9.15am       What’s on offer today

9.15am     -    10.15am      Free play & Activity of the Day

10.15am    -   10.45am      Snack

10.45am   -     12pm         Outside or Physical Play

12pm        -    12.45pm     Lunch

12.45pm   -    1pm            Quiet Games

1pm          -    2pm           Free play

2pm          -    2.30pm      Snack

2.30pm     -    3.30pm      Activity of the Day cont’d

3.30pm     -    4.30pm      Outside ‘Team’ Games

4.30pm     -    5pm           Free choice

5pm          -    5.45pm      Tea time for those who provide a meal

5.45pm     -    6pm           Free play, signing out & home time.



The fees for our holiday club are worked out as an hourly rate, please see above.

(The holiday club runs five days a week.)